Genesis International Corp Pty Ltd (GIC)

Genesis International Corp Pty Ltd (GIC) is a company that is committed in providing global product sourcing solutions. GIC has been a specialists in sourcing BBQ’s and outdoor heating products for the past 18 years, when it first began trading as Genesis Australia Corporation Pty Ltd (GAC) in 2000.

Our history:

GAC was established in Perth, Western Australia since 2000. GAC’s first started supplying BBQ’s and heating products to the West Australian market in 2000. GAC continued to strive and by early 2003 GAC had gone Australia-wide by supplying BBQ’s and heating products exclusively to Bunnings Australia. By 2004, GAC further expanded its reach to the New Zealand market through Bunnings New Zealand. GAC began its foray into the UK & Ireland market in 2016 by supplying BBQ’s to Homebase UK & Ireland. In 2017, GAC made the decision to rename the company from Genesis Australia Corporation (GAC) to Genesis International Corp (GIC) to better reflect its intercontinental presence. As of 2018, GIC remains as one of the largest and most reliable BBQ’s and heating products supplier to Bunnings Group (Bunnings ANZ) and HHGL (Homebase UK& Ireland).

Services we provide:

GIC specialises in, but not limited to, supplying BBQ’s and heating products. GIC also supplies manual lawn mowers, trimmer lines, garden waste bags, gardening gloves, gardening stools, siphon hand pumps and various other DIY essential products. Our strong sourcing network allows us to offer a wide variety of new and innovative products to better suit the ever-changing market.

GIC has offices in Perth and Melbourne, Australia and Guangzhou, China. Our headquarters is located in Malaga, Western Australia, sales & marketing office in Hawthorn, Victoria and sourcing, design/engineering & quality control department in Guangzhou, China.

Our strengths:

Throughout the 19 years of business, GIC has gained tremendous experience in sourcing, designing, complying, quality control, distributing and customer service. Our key strength is that we have a dedicated office in Guangzhou that specialises in sourcing, designing, engineering and quality management.

Our sourcing and engineering/designing team is able to source and design products to suit our customer. Not only can we offer exclusive custom designs and excellent costs management, we are able to source innovative, attractive and highly cost effective products.

Our quality management team is able to ensure products meets the strictest demands of our customers. We closely monitor the quality of our supplier’s and factory’s quality and performance, therefore our team is able to detect any potential issues during the early stages of production and throughout the manufacturing process.  We practice a very stringent pre shipping inspection procedure to ensure all our products meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.

With 18 years of solid relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers, GIC is able provide the best possible products and solutions at the most competitive costing to our customer.


With our strong business acumen and networking, GIC will deliver the best and most competitive sourcing solutions available. Our customer’s success and satisfaction is our first priority and we will work tirelessly to achieve this.